WNDU: Grand Design will Add 700 Jobs by End of ’23

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) – Despite talk of a worker shortage and a March unemployment rate under two percent, the economic growth just continues in Elkhart County, according to a video report by WNDU-TV, in South Bend, Ind.

Grand Design RV provides a good example, the report states.

Grand Design is building four new manufacturing and support plants on its Middlebury campus. The company plans to add 700-new workers by the end of 2023, which would represent a 25 percent increase in its present workforce.

“The labor shortage is real, and there are multiple different industries that have a crunch on their labor force, and staffing is difficult, and the cost of labor has gone up,” Elkhart Mayor Rod Roberson told 16 News Now. “But the market adjusts because goods are still in demand, and we adjust to that, and we keep going.”

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