Some RVers Changing Plans Due to High Fuel Prices

CABARRUS COUNTY, N.C. – On average we are now paying more for fuel, whether you use gas or diesel, than we’ve ever paid before, according to a report by WBTV in Charlotte, N.C. And while a car or truck’s gas tank may take around 20 gallons, more or less, imagine driving an RV with a tank that holds 100 gallons. That pain at the pump is causing some campers to change their travel plans.

Norm Demers, his wife, and pup live in a 38-foot RV.

“We’re living the life the way we want to,” Demers said.

On Tuesday (May 10) they were pulling in at the campground near Charlotte Motor Speedway.

“No grass to cut, no snow to shovel, no leaves to rake,” Demers added.

Once they find their spot, they level up, push out the slides, and hook up the power. And while it is a lifestyle they enjoy, it is subject to rising fuel prices.

“We were filling up one day at the gas station, this guy says boy that’s got to hurt, I saw it is what it is,” Demers added. “We had planned to go across country this summer, but that’s going to be put off. We’ll do local stuff like going up to Virginia, going to the beach, we have friends in Myrtle Beach so we’ll spend a couple weeks there.”

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