Veteran RV Inspector Authors ‘RV Buyer’s Handbook’

Walt Gerber offers both detailed information and advice on selecting and buying an RV in his new guide “RV Buyer’s Handbook”, according to a release. Published by Archway Publishing, it also includes maintenance tips, preparing for a trip and issues of an RV on-the-road lifestyle.

Based on his years of experience camping and working as an RV inspector, Gerber presents suggestions that may prevent readers from getting a “lemon” or a “money pit.” Although not a comprehensive guide, “RV Buyer’s Handbook” covers many of the RVs a readers may encounter. From the first outing, to set up and tear down, to troubleshooting and more, Gerber presents a single-source guide to help readers navigate the process of choosing, equipping and enjoying an RV.

“More and more Millennials are buying RVs and need a guide to help in the process,” Gerber said, adding that his book presents an unbiased treatise on the subject.

“RV Buyer’s Handbook” is available for purchase online at: