An East Coast company that provides satellite tracking services to businesses operating small fleets of trucks has entered the RV market with a system to allow family and friends to keep track of RVers as they travel.
The year-and-a-half old company, 10-20.com Inc., Laurel, Md., hopes to sell the service, ranging in cost from $20 to $65 a month, through RV industry OEMs and the aftermarket. The necessary hardware – a transmitter about the size of a paperback book – costs $995.
“A lot of people have children who are not in the RV with them while they are traveling,” 10-20 President John Todd said. “When their parents go out on a cross-country trip, they can have some peace of mind knowing where the RV is at any given moment. People want this system because they have decided they need to have somebody know where they are.”
The company’s name, 10-20, is the universal public-safety radio code for broadcasting a location.
The system operates using transmissions from global positioning system (GPS) satellites that are in low earth orbit. The location of the vehicle being tracked is transmitted to two data centers on the East and West coasts, and is accessed through a password-protected Internet site. Various filters and levels of user access restrict release of the information to those designated by the customer.
An RV’s location can be updated in half-hour, hour, three-hour or 24-hour increments depending on the subscription plan. Viewers can either receive text descriptions of the location or see it on detailed street or topographical maps.
Todd said the company also is working on a system that will allow access to the information via voice-activated prompts on cell phones.