A year or two ago, the now 12-year-old Jacob Davies became interested in traveling and decided he wanted to live in an RV.

But, according to a tucson.com report, when he realized it was too expensive for his family, and after seeing old school buses being converted into RVs, he thought of the next best thing.

If he can’t live in one, why can’t he design one?

A few days after Christmas, Jacob, with the help of his uncle John, decided to send a letter to the CEO of Winnebago Industries Michael J. Happe.

Jacob, a sixth grader at Leman Academy of Excellence in Marana, wrote to Happe that he wanted to work for his company one day.

Not only that, but the Tucson-area native also sent Happe some drawn-out designs for a double-decker RV — complete with a pool and submarine station. He says some of his design ideas came from YouTube — others came from his own home. 

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