Go RVing logoAn expansive $8.25 million media plan for 2010, designed to reach prospects with a wide variety of interests and media habits, will give the Go RVing Coalition’s new “Go Affordably. Go RVing” campaign broad exposure at a pivotal time in the industry’s recovery through television, print and online media, the coalition reports.

Innovative new ”Ambassadors of Affordability” animated television commercials and a redesigned website staged to re-energize consumers as the economy recovers will debut the weekend of February 12-14 in conjunction with the 2010 Winter Olympics and Daytona 500 pre-race programming on the SPEED network. The coordinating, redesigned Go RVing website launches Feb. 12.

”Higher RV shipments being forecast by the University of Michigan for the new year will allow us to invest $8.25 million in advertising as Americans are starting to feel more secure in their spending decisions,” said Gary LaBella, RVIA vice president and chief marketing officer. ”This is great news for the campaign as it’s more than double the 2009 budget, although still only half what we were able to spend in 2007. The increased funding is allowing us to develop a far-reaching campaign that spans many market segments.”

The Winter Olympics buy, targeting a huge family viewing audience, includes 105 spots during Olympics programming starting Feb. 13 on NBC plus ads on MSNBC, CNBC, USA and live daytime coverage on Universal Sports. The first SPEED spot airs Feb. 12 on the popular ”Trackside” program, along with the premiere showing of a new Go RVing travel vignette featuring NASCAR personality Rutledge Wood and his family.

An additional 454 spots will air during Universal Sports’ programming coverage of World Cup Alpine Skiing, the Track & Field World Championships, American Cup Gymnastics, US Freestyle Ski Cup and more. For the first time, Go RVing will also have courtside signage during 29 regular-season NCAA basketball games and 118 postseason tournament games televised on ABC, ESPN and ESPN2. ”Spots on continuing coverage of NASCAR, Triple Crown horseracing, Xtreme Bulls and professional bowling return to our media line-up, joined by major league baseball advertising on FOX Sports Net,” said the coalition in a release. ”MLB exposure continues through the season with an ad buy on regional cable telecast coverage; this is in addition to the arena media advertising Go RVing has sponsored in 26 MLB stadiums across the country for the past several years. Research shows that sports viewers are a fertile audience for Go RVing.”

For the fourth year, Go RVing has renewed its advertising partnership with the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) with ads running on ESPN-televised tournament events throughout the spring. Go RVing will sponsor 165 30-second ad spots, on-screen billboards, lane signage, and the Go RVing Match Play Championship in Norwich, Conn., with televised finals on March 21. This season’s Go RVing PBA team consists of motorhome traveler Walter Ray Williams Jr., the top all-time money winner, along with Mike Machuga and Mike Wolfe. They’ll wear the Go RVing logo on their shirts and play with specially designed Go RVing spare balls.

New to the Go RVing 2010 television lineup is major league baseball on FOX Sports Net. MLB exposure continues through the season with an ad buy on regional cable telecast coverage in addition to the arena media advertising Go RVing has sponsored in 26 MLB stadiums across the country for the past several years.

Go RVing, meanwhile, will reach non-sports TV audiences with two important new buys as well as many returning buys. A cross-platform media partnership with cable’s History network provides an integrated blend of TV, print and web exposure throughout the spring and summer. Go RVing will run TV spots during History’s popular ”Modern Marvels” and the new reality series ”American Pickers” in addition to ads in five issues of History magazine; and custom content in a 32-page pull-n-save Top Ten Destinations guide.

On the Travel Channel, seen by avid travelers in some 90 million households, there will be a special National Parks Week sponsorship this spring through which Go RVing spots and billboards will promote RVs as the best way to visit the national parks as part of a special National Parks Week sponsorship this spring.

The rest of the $4.1 million television buy remains in cost-effective direct response ads on proven cable networks like Discovery, TBS, TNT, USA, Food Network, The Weather Channel, TLC and more. With time-strapped viewers recording programming to watch at a later time, Go RVing has also teamed up with TiVo to provide customized content from the Getting Started consumer information video.

”The ‘Go Affordably. Go RVing’ print ads introduced in 2009 — the inspiration for the new TV spots — will appear in 27 major consumer magazines that have a strong history of delivering leads plus a good editorial environment for our ads,” the Go RVing Coalition release stated. ”Emphasis was placed on reaching readers with a strong propensity to travel and a passion for spending time with family. Top publications on the plan include Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel, Better Homes & Gardens, Sherman’s Travel, Ladies Home Journal, Woman’s Day and Good Housekeeping.”

The total print budget: $2.5 million.

Internet advertising — the most cost-efficient source of leads — will include banners on Google, Yahoo, National Geographic, WeatherBug, Sherman’s Travel, Dogtime.com and Weather.com, on a total budget of $1.6 million.

In addition, Go RVing will continue its low-cost, high-impact investment in social media in 2010, using Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to generate millions of impressions for almost no cost. In 2009, Go RVing’s Facebook page was viewed more than 100,000 times.

”Over the past tough year, Go RVing successfully maximized media for the dollars available and helped the RV industry build demand in a down market,” said LaBella. “With an increased budget in 2010, Go RVing will be able to stimulate even more consumer demand.”

The Go RVing Coalition, formed in 1994, consists of RV manufacturers, component suppliers, dealers and campgrounds. Go RVing works to provide the public and media with pertinent information about the benefits of RV travel.