Dealers check out product at Forest River display during last year's Open House

There’s never a lot of pomp and circumstance or official announcements when it comes to Elkhart County’s RV Open House, an authentically different trade event that has grown over the past six years to become a key stop on the recreational vehicle industry’s annual show tour.

In fact, since there’s no governing board, show director or sponsoring organization, the dates are quietly set each year in contacts between the chief executives of the industry’s two largest manufacturers, Thor Industries Inc. and Forest River Inc.

Then, the rest of the participating RV builders – including most of the significant national-scale players — tend to fall in line and make plans for their own exhibits, mostly along County Road 6 and the adjacent environs of the RV/MH Hall of Fame on the northeast side of Elkhart.

And while it’s not a closely held secret at this point, the staff of RVBusiness — with the consent of both Thor and Forest River — wanted to make sure that everyone knows the exact dates of this year’s Open House: Sept. 16-18, although some corporate activities spill over into the rest of that week.