Over 250 [email protected], [email protected] brand teardrop trailers and Cirrus truck campers representing close to 500 enthusiasts gathered for the June 10-to-14 nüCamp19, selling out a campground of 170 sites near the company’s headquarters at the Winklepleck Grove Campground in Sugarcreek, Ohio. According to Julie McCome, marketing manager for the firm, this years gathering surpassed the capacity of the local campsite the group filled last year. 

“This is the biggest ever,” McCome told RVBUSINESS.com. “The park is filled completely. Across the street we have some people boon docking and we have some people at a generator site, and some people that couldn’t get into any of our sites so they’re staying at some off site campgrounds as well.”  

According to the McCome the event is hosted by nüCamp RV as a way for its owners’ to gain product knowledge, build community and stay in contact with the company as its valued customers. 

She said the company plans to keep attendees busy with breakfast each morning, scheduled plant tours every day, a swap meet and potluck dinner Wednesday night, movie night on Thursday and new product introductions on Friday, including the Avia.

“We have the Avia, which is now in production and is a 28-foot lightweight travel trailer. We are trying to expand our product line with a little bigger product,” McCome said. 

Throughout the week the company will have its “ambassadors,” or social media influencers who are traveling the country with its products, offer presentations about different aspects of camping with nüCamp.  

“We have a number of ambassadors right now,” she said. “Basically someone presents a trip plan over a couple years and we use them as social influencers. Mandy Lee, one of our ambassadors, is talking about her trip from Alaska to Mexico,” said McCome. “In the afternoons we’re going to have Q&A sessions talking about our different units. The Q&A session will take place this year on the 320, the 400 and [email protected] 

She explained that the owner demographic is expanding as the group continues to grow. 

We are attracting a variety of different owners now,” she said. “Specifically, we’re probably still looking more at couples. But single campers that are taking time to enjoy life, and love to socialize and spend time with one another, is also growing. Many of them prefer the small units because it’s so much easier to move around and get to where they want to go.”  

The nüCamp clubs meet regionally around the country but this is the largest gathering. 

“Our goal is to treat everyone like family,” she said of the company’s success with its owners group. “It’s a real community. Everyone that is a camper is family, which is the beautiful thing about it. It is amazing to me from the standpoint of seeing everyone going back and forth on Facebook and then being able to put faces with names. It is such a welcoming group and great community, everyone here has a lot of fun and it’s a really exciting time for us to share that with them.”