More than 10,000 RV enthusiasts attended the Feb. 15-17 24th Atlantic City RV & Camping Show, which, according to organizers, represented an all-time record. 

“The turnout was really great,” said Ryan Reinke, show manager and account executive with GS Media & Events, noting the event was again held at the Atlantic City Convention Center. “We had over 10,000 people. That’s up about 20% from last year. All of the dealers I talked with said they were super busy, there was a ton of traffic for all the booths.” 

“There were a mix of ages in attendance, but I saw more and more young families come out,” added Reinke, which he attributed to the amount of RV parks and campgrounds in the South N.J. region. 

Sales Manager Wayne Lehto of Scott Motor Coach in Lakewood, N.J., characterized attendance at the show as “insane,” and he is expecting strong post-event sales activity.  

“There were points during the show where we had 25 to 30 people in a coach at once,” he said. “A lot of people are scheduled to come in this week and view more coaches because they didn’t really have the opportunity to look at them due to the amount of people.” 

He emphasized that traffic was steady all weekend, noting, “On Friday it was crazy, and Saturday you couldn’t walk down the aisle — and these were 12-foot aisles. It was the same on Sunday. It was very well attended.”

Lehto said the Tiffin’s Wayfair and the Openroad, a gas Class A model, were very popular with the Baby Boomer crowd. “Whenever you have a Tiffin coach in the building, you’re going to do business.”  

Like Reinke, Lehto said the crowd had a good mix of age groups, but noted that there were many younger families.   

“There was a good amount of people under 35 that we sold coaches to,” he said. “Of course, the people in their 50’s and 60’s, they’re the ones buying the Alpines and the Tiffins, but there were a lot of young people in this price range.”

Record attendance and strong sales results bode well for the RV industry in New Jersey, according to Lehto. He projects that the dealership will see 20% to 25% sales growth, a demand that the dealership is meeting with a new facility set to open in the late Spring.