No Dirty Water (NDW) has teamed with W.S. Darley, a firefighting equipment supplier, and Ozotech, a distributor of activated oxygen/ozone generating equipment, to offer a series of products to provide access to clean drinking water.

In addition to clean water, the joint effort will also address the use of plastic water bottles that impact the environment, according to a press release.

No Dirty Water’s self-contained system utilizes a five-micron filtration system to remove harmful chemicals, sediment and activated oxygen to disinfect and remove odors and bad taste. The company also offers an OEM kit that can be installed in the secondary market by independent dealers and outdoor retailers for RV and marine applications, as well as the consumer kit for DIY applications.

“The world today is facing a constant need for clean drinking water, and we are pleased to work with these two great companies that share our passion for creating a better world.  A little over a decade ago, Apple introduced the first iPhone, revolutionizing the ways we communicate and live our lives, so why can’t we use the same technological drive to solve the world’s water problems over the next decade?” said John Sztykiel, founder of NDW.  “We see many opportunities to expand the addressable market for portable activated oxygen/ozonebased technology beyond clean drinking water, and we are excited to explore these opportunities together.”

“At Darley Water Solutions, we are always looking for new ways to provide safe, clean and healthy drinking water in a variety of emergency response, military and humanitarian applications,” said Kevin Sofen, director of business development at W.S. Darley.  “When we see natural or man-made disasters, the first critical need to be addressed is for clean drinking water. These systems can provide reliable, efficient sources of clean drinking water wherever it’s needed, from a disaster recovery to developing nations across the world.”

Steve Christiansen, head of sales and operations at Ozotech noted, “We see many opportunities to leverage our technology to provide a market redefining, innovative solution for drinking water. By teaming up with NDW and Darley Water Systems, we are using ozone technology to provide cleaner, greener solutions to improve peoples’ lives.”