It appears the owners of 3,000 RVs will need to find a new place to store their rigs because the Navy plans to sell the former El Toro Marine Corps base in Irvine, Calif., where their RVs currently are parked, according to the Orange County (Calif.) Register.
The Navy plans to sell the property to developers, the newspaper reported.
In addition to RV storage, the former military base also is used by model airplane enthusiasts and for a California State University, Fullerton campus.
Many of the leases will expire in June, the Register reported.
One RV owner interviewed by the newspaper said he does not know where he will keep his rig because the town where he lives has an ordinance that prohibits him from parking his RV along his street.
Meanwhile, all of the commercial RV storage lots that that RV owner Walt Stephenson knows about are already full, he told the newspaper.
Stephenson said he pays $95 a month to store his RV on the former military base.