EarthRoamer truck camper

A traveler’s dilemma: Spend $60,000 on a nicely appointed RV, or drop a half-million on one of Bill Swails’ EarthRoamers?

For Swails, the answer is a no-brainer.

Granted, he could be biased. But, according to a report by the Denver Post, the founder of Colorado-based EarthRoamer says there’s absolutely nothing like the experience of traveling in his high-tech camper mounted atop a brawny Ford F-550 truck.

Typical RVs let you roam the highways, campground to campground. The four-wheel-drive EarthRoamer enables you to go to any remote point, pull over and live comfortably off the grid for days or even weeks.

“Basically, it’s the difference between a trailer home and a custom home,” said Swails, an engineer and veteran vagabond whose extensive travels in a conventional popup camper got him thinking about a better conveyance.

Since developing his first personal prototype in 2003, Swails has built about 140 EarthRoamers and has 20 more in the pipeline.

The keys to the vehicles’ self-sufficiency are rooftop solar panels, energy-efficient appliances, and high-capacity fuel and water tanks that provide all the comforts for a group of four.

 Prices start at $280,000, with no options, and easily can climb to more than $600,000, with stretch configurations and add-ons such as built-in wine rack, HD satellite-TV receiver, surround sound, onboard Wi-Fi, hydraulic motorcycle lift and luxury finishes.
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