AGS, a division of Texas Advertising, has recently purchased the guest guide operations from Austin Gateway.

The switch was official Jan. 17 with no discontinuation of services to the former Austin Gateway clients.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to provide quality guest guides to our new customers,” said Brian Schaeffer, president of AGS. AGS produces high-quality guest guides for RV parks and campgrounds around the country and Canada.

According to Jean Strickland, co-owner of Austin Gateway, “This is the best possible situation for our site map customers. I have worked with Brian Schaeffer in some capacity over the last 20 years as we have mutually served the campground owners of Texas. I must look after some personal health issues and wish to take some time to enjoy life. I consider my customers my family and would not trust them with anyone else.”

For more information, you can visit www.AGSPub.com or contact General Manager Michael Moore at [email protected] or (817) 426-9395.