So when his family was trying to decide what the 14-year-old — who suffers from cerebral palsy and functions at the level of an 18-month-old — might want from the Make-a-Wish Foundation, they had to employ a little deductive reasoning.

The Journal Times, Racine, Wis., Thinking about the things Corey likes most, their minds were drawn to a trip the family took last year for which they rented an RV.

They remembered how much Corey liked pressing his head against the screens, and just sitting outside, especially when the family had a campfire.

“Every time we had a fire, he was just mesmerized,” recalled his stepdad, Brett Williams, 51, who is an assistant baker.

Then it hit them. Corey should ask Make-a-Wish for a pop-up camper.

“The family has been separated on trips. It is just so hard to travel. If we got a pop-up camper we could be a family again. We could do our vacations as camping,” said Beth Williams, 51, who adopted Corey when he was a small child.

On Monday evening the family of six — Corey, his parents, two sisters, and his 99-year-old grandmother — traveled from their home in Williams Bay near Lake Geneva to Prosser RV, 13815 Leetsbir Road, just off Interstate 94 in the Town of Yorkville, to celebrate their wish being granted and to check out the camper for themselves.

Mike Prosser, who owns Prosser RV, said the whole thing “was exciting to be a part of.”

Make-a-Wish purchased the camper from the store, but Prosser said he decided to donate $1,000 toward the purchase after seeing how much Make-a-Wish was doing.

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