Ford’s RV Training and Service is on the verge of an endorsement from a major educational foundation, in addition to the new global online training on reconditioning the RV refrigerator cooling units they will release this spring, .
Plus, they have now been approached by a television producer who wants to do a reality show on a unique business in the south. The producer was quite excited about the Ford’s accomplishments that began with their part in the pioneering of the RV refrigerator cooling unit reconditioning industry, developing the tools required, writing the manuals, and offering a lifetime warranty on their reconditioning service. He was equally excited about the Ford’s passion to share their expertise with others in order to help build new businesses and save RV owners money, as well as reduce our carbon footprint.
A production company has scheduled filming to begin soon after the camping season opens in Benton, Ky.
“These events have all been initiated from our YouTube videos and other media released in just the past few months. Expect major changes in the RV industry,” said Roger Ford. “The all too common, outdated, ‘throw it away buy a new one’ refrigerator repair practice is about to change globally.”