RV park managers, who are seeing fewer Winter Texans re-turning to the Rio Grande Valley, are now banding together with a plan.

The Valley Morning-Star reported that John Dearinger, whose wife, Ruth, is the manager at VIP La Feria RV Park, said the decline hasn’t been severe, but it has been noticeable.

“We’re trying to send out postcards to just the ones that have been here in the past,” he said. But the park is also using Face-book and its own website.

Dearinger is part of a growing movement that is looking for new and inno-vative ways to promote the Valley to potential Winter Texans.

The Rio Grande Valley Partnership in Weslaco held a meeting earlier this month to address the problem of decreasing numbers of Winter Texans. About 25 park managers attended.

They discussed using satellite radio, major air-ports, travel shows, social media and the Internet to bring more Winter Texans here. The aim of the pro-motional campaign is to re-energize marketing strategies.

Julian Alvarez, president and CEO of the RGV Part-nership, said a number of initiatives are in the proc-ess.

“We are working on a quality-of-life video,” he said. The video will be directed both toward winter visitors and medical students who would like to do their residency here.

“We have a great story-line and we’re kind of finalizing it this morning,” Alvarez said Thursday. “As far as with the winter visitors, a lot of things that we’re doing right now is targeting toward literature and media.”

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