While there’s no doubting that the culmination of this weekend will be the showdown between the tigers and the tide, that doesn’t take away, from the southern tradition, that drew both tiger and Alabama fans out to LSU earlier this week.

WBRZ TV reported that tailgating, for many, is what college football is all about, and it would be nearly impossible for some, without their RV.

LSU has the most RV spots out of any campus in the nation.

“We attribute our historic tailgating to RVs,” said Adam Smith, LSU parking manager. “When RVs became popular that’s when it really came into its own, because people could stay all night as long as they wanted to on campus and continue that atmosphere there was no ending time Friday or Saturday, they can keep the party going.”

For LSU, RV tailgates are a win, win. It helps with traffic, keeps people from drinking and driving and brings in a lot of money for the campus.

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