anuary 15, 2015 ‐ 2:00 pm EST

Mark your calendars now!

Who is presenting? ‐‐ This webinar will be presented by Bruce York, NHTSA Division Chief, Medium and Heavy Duty Vehicles Division. Nate Seymour, Safety Defect Investigator
and R. Nicholas Englund, Trial Attorney, Litigation and Enforcement Division, Office of Chief Counsel.

What will be covered? ‐ What is NHTSA? What is ODI? Key Federal statutes and regulations, including: Title 49, United States Code, Chapter 301 ‐ Motor Vehicle Safety; Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 49 – General; CFR, Title 49 ‐ Sec 576, re Records Retention, OEM and Component Suppliers Investigations and Early Warning Reporting; and CFR, Title 49 ‐ Sec 579.5, re Notices, Bulletins, Customer Satisfaction Campaigns, Consumer Advisories and Other Communications.

Who should attend? – RV manufacturers’, trailer manufacturers’ and suppliers’ engineers, lawyers, and anyone else responsible for company compliance with the NHTSA rules and regulations.

Why should I attend? – To better understand the structure of NHTSA and the office of defects investigations. Highlights will include how and why NHTSA investigations are conducted, your responsibility if you receive a request for an investigation from NHTSA and the rules and procedures that apply to federal early warning reporting requirements.

What does it cost? ‐‐ This webinar is being offered to RVIA and NATM members at no cost.

How do I participate? ‐‐ Terminals used to receive the webinar need to be registered with Gatie Gore at RVIA. To register, send registration form (found at link below) to Gatie Gore at [email protected] or fax to 703‐620‐5071. If you have any questions, Please contact us at 800‐ 336‐0154 ext. 348. To view the full agenda and registration form, click here.