Roger and Onna Lee Ford, owners of Ford’s RV Refrigeration Training Center, have been hearing about some RV refrigerators that won’t cool down to proper temperature even after installing a new cooling unit. RV techs are then told by the RV refrigerator manufacture that the refrigerator cabinet is saturated, throw it away and tell your customer they need to buy a complete new refrigerator. This unfortunate but common repair used in the RV industry will cost the RV owner $4,000 to $5,000 plus. When one of the Ford’s customer’s came to their shop with this problem, they decided to use their 37 years of refrigeration experience to investigate a less costly solution. Everyone in the RV industry and all RV owners need to see what they discovered. RV industry, take pride in educating yourself to provide better service to help the RV owner, so they can enjoy a hearty RV lifestyle. Learn about Americas only comprehensive school and training program on the RV refrigeration unit. View this amazing discovery video at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFFnS6g7UsE. For information on becoming an RV Refrigeration Specialist go to: www.rvrefrigeration.com <http://www.rvrefrigeration.com