Editor’s Note: The following motorhome review appears in Practical Motorhome detailing the F-Line I 640 SD Class A coach by Germany-based but French-owned Frankia.

Franco-German co-operation takes many forms, of course, but the one perhaps most relevant to our market is Frankia built for the U.K. market.

The company is one of Europe’s many premium motorhome brands and straddles three core market segments – low-profile, overcab coach-built and A-class.

The F-Line I 640 SD is  the comfort and refinement of an end washroom plus a stonking midships lounge that’ll be perfect to hide away in during bad weather.

As part of some portfolio housekeeping for the 2017 model year, ‘F-Line’ is a new designation and means the van is based on the Fiat Ducato (‘M-Line’ denotes a Mercedes base; ‘Selection’ is the entry-level offering).

Our test unit was supplied with the 2.3-litre, 150bhp Euro 6 turbodiesel (130bhp is the standard tune). The upgraded engine was part of the £2892 High Chassis Pack, which also includes cruise control, chrome instrument dials, a leather steering wheel and gear knob, and a 120-litre fuel tank.

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