Hanwha Azdel manufactures composite materials are products that can be used as an alternative to lauan plywood. According to a press release, composite materials are moisture resistant, lightweight, and stronger than wood, allowing the RV to be fuel-efficient.

These puncture and impact resistant materials are durable and offer a higher insulation value than wood to reduce heating and cooling costs and provide a quieter ride with less road and outside noise. 

What can you do to enjoy your RV more cost effectively without having to worry about expensive repairs while also protecting your family from harmful particle pollutants? If you are considering a new RV purchase, find out more information regarding manufacturers who are currently constructing RVs using Azdel composite materials. Visit AzdelOnboard.com for complete details about where these products are available and to watch a damage comparison video.  If you are interested in using Azdel composite materials in your RV construction process, please call 810-280-3281 today. Demand more for your RVing family.