No Dirty Water (NDW) has partnered with W.S. Darley, a manufacturer of firefighting equipment and pumps, and Ozotech, a distributor and manufacturer of activated oxygen/ozone generating equipment to “transform water purification for consumer and commercial applications,” according to a press release 

Working together, these three players have developed a series of products that enhance lives with better access to clean drinking water.

No Dirty Water self-contained system: this smaller, portable water filtration kit is ideal for families and individual who want an easy-to-use method for providing clean, great tasting water. Great for camping, RVing, hunting, sporting events or home use, the system utilizes a 5-micron filtration system to remove harmful chemicals and sediment and activated oxygen to disinfect and remove odors and bad taste. No Dirty Water OEM kit: utilizing the same filtration and activated oxygen/ozone technology, the No Dirty Water OEM kit enables manufacturers of recreational vehicles, marine, heavy duty trucks and vehicles for the food service industry to provide the same clean, great tasting water to their end users. No Dirty Water Dealer Kit: utilizing the proprietary activated oxygen/ozone-based water purification system that can be installed on in the secondary market by independent dealers and outdoor retailers for recreational vehicle and marine applications. No Dirty Water Consumer Kit: a fully contained kit ideal for consumers and DIY applications, allowing consumers to retrofit their RV, marine or camper with NDW’s activated oxygen/ozone-based water purification system.