Despite worries about a possible war with Iraq and the 9/11 anniversary, today (Sept. 9) was a good day for several RV manufacturing company stocks and the equity market in general.
The biggest beneficiaries today were Fleetwood, Winnebago, Monaco and Rexhall.
Fleetwood’s stock has been on an upward trend since it revealed an earnings report last week that was much better than stock market analysts anticipated. Today, Fleetwood stock climbed 92 cents, or 15%, higher to close at $6.94, which nearly triples the money of investors who bought Fleetwood shares when they reached a 52-week low of $2.37 on Aug. 12.
Fleetwood stock still is well below it 52-week high of $13.99.
Meanwhile, Monaco stock, which was in the doldrums of late, gained $1.35 a share, or 8%, today to close at $18.00.
Monaco’s 52-week high is $30.70 and its 52-week low is $11.00.
Winnebago shares soared $2.23, or 6%, higher today to close at $42.30. Winnebago’s stock price may have been boosted by the appearance Friday night (Sept. 6) of Bruce Hertzke, its chairman, president and CEO, on Public Broadcasting System’s Wall $treet Week program. Hertzke appeared on the show to describe how the post-9/11 travel climate has boosted RV sales.
Winnebago’s 52-week high is $51.43 and its 52-week low is $17.30.
Rexhall’s stock price also climbed 47 cents, or 21%, higher today to close at $2.72. Rexhall’s stock price was beaten down the last few weeks after it revealed that internal accounting problems will force it to re-state its first quarter financial results. The company had reported a first quarter profit, but it now says it actually had a first quarter loss, although it anticipates reporting breakeven to slightly profitable results for the first half of this year.
Rexhall’s 52-week high is $6.09 and its 52-week low is $2.00.