According to a recent AAA Travel survey, nearly 100 million Americans – 4 in 10 U.S. adults – are planning to take a family vacation in 2019, slightly more than last year.

Spring and summer road trips will top many of these families’ vacation plans.

Two-thirds of all family travelers (68 percent) will embark on a summer getaway, while just under half (45 percent) are making plans to travel as a family this spring.
Regardless of the season, the great American road trip remains a major draw for these families; about half of traveling families (53 percent) expect to pack up their cars for a road trip this year.

Travelers in the South are more likely to be making plans for a family trip this year (62 percent) than travelers in the Northeast (35 percent).
A welcome gift to road trippers, gas prices have averaged more than a quarter cheaper so far in 2019 compared with the first few months of last year. Another recent AAA survey found that 33 percent of Americans would go on at least one additional summer road trip if gas prices remain low.

“Road trips will be a popular way to travel for many Americans this year,” said Tammy Arnette, Senior Public Affairs Specialist for AAA. “For travelers needing a bit of inspiration, AAA has mapped out more 450 road trips with recommended stops along the way.”