The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) has approved and published national guidelines recommending that every state classify and title recreational park trailers as recreational vehicles.
“This is a big milestone for us,” said William Garpow, executive director of the Recreational Park Trailer Industry Association (RPTIA), Newnan, Ga., which represents recreational park trailer dealers, RV parks, manufacturers and suppliers. “The new policy directive basically says, ‘If you’re classifying and/or titling these units as something other than a recreational park trailer, you’re doing it improperly and you’re creating aproblem.'”
Currently, 42 states title recreational park trailers as recreational vehicles. However, eight states classify recreational park trailers as either mobile homes or manufactured housing, or fail to identify these units as vehicles.
According to RPTIA, failure to classify park trailers as RVs limits the locations in which these units can be placed, while subjecting purchasers to potentially higher taxes.
“Recreational park trailers sited in RV parks have a much higher rate of acceptance in local jurisdictions than manufactured home communities,” Garpow said. “The tax burden involving park trailers also tends to be much lower.”
RPTIA said that recreational park trailers, or park models, are designed to provide temporary living quarters for recreation, camping or seasonal use. Built on a single chassis and mounted on wheels with a gross trailer area not exceeding 400 square feet, they can be set up in transient RV parks and campgrounds and are not usually subject to property taxes.
The new AAMVA guidelines, Garpow said, provide RPTIA with a powerful tool to use as it seeks to persuade states to adopt uniform standards and nomenclature for recreational park trailers.
“Now we can use this peer pressure from their own national association of DMVs to bring any deviant states into alignment,” he said. “This will help the entire industry with insurance, financing, zoning and with our stature with government at all levels.”