Air travel. It can take you far, but it can’t often take you far away from the ordinary — at least not without some serious money and planning.

Enter RVing. According to an ABC News report, it’s no longer just for retirees. Harvest Hosts — a company that connects road trippers with unique overnight accommodations in the U.S. and Canada — is keying on the trend as more Millennials than ever are hitting the roads looking for off-the-beaten path experiences.

So instead of a parking lot for your RV, think an alpaca farm run by nuns in a remote part of Kansas.

“A new wanderlust seems to have hit millennials who want to see new things,” Joel Holland, the 33-year-old owner of Harvest Hosts told “Good Morning America.” “Traditional air travel takes you [to] cliche locations. Younger people are trying the van life to see stuff they’ve never seen before.”

Or, perhaps equally as importantly, stuff their friends haven’t seen before.

“All of the time you’re in an RV you’re on vacation. There is no ‘getting there,’ you are ‘always there,'” Holland said. He estimates that the number of RV-owning households is at 10 million in the U.S.

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