A fatal construction accident will not delay the opening of the Pittsburgh RV Show on Saturday (Feb. 23) inside that city’s new convention center.
The accident on Feb. 12 killed one ironworker and injured two others. It occurred where the third phase of the facility is under construction, while the RV show will take place in the first phase of the project, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
The new convention center is structurally sound and the RV show, which was originally scheduled to begin in early January, will be the first event inside the new building. The RV show’s original opening was delayed because the facility was not ready in January.
The site of the accident is more than 200 yards from where the RV show will take place, the newspaper reported.
This year’s RV show in Pittsburgh will continue through March 3.
People attending the RV show beginning on Saturday will need to use a temporary entrance because the main entrance is not ready. However, the elevator near the temporary entrance is working and there are stairs, said Jill Costic, director of the Pittsburgh RV Show.
Also, some bathrooms and concession stands are not finished, some ceilings have not been painted and some interior duct work remains to be done, Costic added.