Jeep Action Camper

The Action Camper is a drop-in camper that turns the all-terrain Jeep Wrangler into a go-anywhere RV, according to a report on Gizmag.com.

The popup allows two people to explore the vast wilds and enjoy sleeping, sitting, cooking and bathroom use within the confines of their vehicle.

The Action Camper was designed to have a minimal effect on the Jeep’s off-road capabilities abilities, while still offering the conveniences of other campers. Gizmomag.com said it looks like a true all-terrain camper.

The unit was obviously designed for overlanding and expeditions, and is compatible with the JK Wrangler Unlimited, a four-door Wrangler model. The stock hardtop, rear seats, rear roll cage and tailgate are removed to make room for the fiberglass camper. Given the camper’s lightweight design and the components removed upon install, it only adds 440 pounds to the total weight of the Jeep. The fiberglass roof is sturdy enough to stand on and use as a viewing or photography platform. It pops up to provide up to 6 feet 3 inches of headroom.

The camper was designed by Austria’s Thaler Design and is being tested and distributed in North America by Adventure Trailers Inc. in Phoenix. Mario Donovan of Adventure said that they’re currently looking at modifying the Action Camper platform for use on other vehicles in the future.

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