Matthew McConaughey drew on more than his considerable star power when promoting his latest film “Sahara,” which opens today (April 8) in theaters nationwide.
The popular actor, who also directed the high-action thriller, literally hit the streets with a 38-day publicity tour that took him cross-country behind the wheel of a Ford F250 with a 28-foot Airstream travel trailer in tow.
“Matthew bought the International CCD travel trailer last summer,” reported Tim Champ, director of marketing for Jackson Center, Ohio-based Airstream. “He bought it for more than the publicity tour. He really embraced the lifestyle.”
McConaughey didn’t just rely on his celebrity or the Airstream’s distinctive “silver bullet” design to draw attention while traveling over 7,000 miles and residing in the nation’s network of RV parks. The Airstream’s exterior was wrapped in a mobile billboard for the movie, and generally caught the curiosity of fellow drivers.
“They point at that picture of me on the side, and then at me to get some confirmation,” he told the Detroit Free Press toward the close of the tour. “And I’ll nod, or, if we’re going slow enough, I’ll roll down the window and shoot the breeze a little bit.”
McConaughey also used that personal, down-to-earth approach when he pulled in for a fill-up or an overnight stay at an RV park.
“It seemed like every truck stop could be an hour stop,” he said in the interview. “We do barbecues in the RV parks, we meet people.”
McConaughey’s journey ended March 22 at the Beverly Hills’ Four Seasons, where the actor caused no small amount of commotion by pulling up in front of the hotel, hauling out the charcoal grill and firing up some rib eyes.
While reuniting with co-star Penelope Cruz, McConaughey told the crowd that he was hooked on the lifestyle.
“I mean, what’s not to love,” he said, waving at the trailer parked in front of the theater. “Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a night in a $500 hotel room as much as anybody, but we’ve got a pretty good set up here.”
“Actors are nomads anyway. I’m just a little more nomadic than most. I’ve been on the road pretty consistently since I was 15. I’m like Willie Nelson. I’m happiest when I’m in motion.”