Earthcruiser adventure vehicle

A popular Australian adventure vehicle just arrived in the USA. According to a press release, EarthCruiser is a self-contained, all-terrain expedition RV built on the U.S. FUSO 4×4 chassis, capable of negotiating everything from long-distance desert crossings, frigid snow-covered terrain, or miles of challenging rock-covered mountain trails.

“This vehicle is not for everyone,” explains EarthCruiser executive Lance Gillies. “This is a serious expedition vehicle that can take people to places that no other RV can, places they’ve only seen in magazines.”

Gillies recently opened the U.S. office for EarthCruiser, located in Bend, Ore. He said that an EarthCruiser provides a great opportunity for U.S residents to see and explore the nation’s beautiful and remote regions. “Part of our challenge will be to really educate extreme travelers about the vehicle’s amazing capabilities,” says Gillies. “Once the real adventure seekers understand how comfortably they can travel to locations they never had access to before, the excitement should spread quickly.”

EarthCruiser also provides an several luxury features that offer plenty of comfort and security. “Even our most extreme travelers still want to enjoy some of the comforts and safety of home,” said Lance. “After all, there’s nothing wrong with a hot shower, cold drink, and comfortable bed wherever you may choose to stop for the night.”

EarthCruiser’s global customers have been driving them directly into freight containers and shipping them to travel locations all over the world. Current international owners of the EarthCruiser include wildlife photographers, hunters, rock climbers and other extreme adventure seekers. The vehicle is also in demand by Eco and Volunteer travelers who are doing everything from delivering medical supplies to remote villages, teaching children, repairing endangered reefs, and a wide variety of outreach programs all over the globe.

Additional information can be found at http://www.earthcruiser.com.au.