There were a few industries that took huge hits when the recession struck. The RV business was one of them. What a difference a year can make. Now, one Yakima, Wash., manufacturer has not only increased production it may have to start hiring soon.

It might be hard to believe but the slow economy and weak dollar has the production line at Adventurer RV busier than ever, according to KIMA-TV, Yakima.

“It just makes us a lot more competitive in Canada and since we primarily distribute back into Canada it helps our production be more price competitive,” said Burk Morgan, Adventurer RV.

Adventurer’s sales have more than doubled and because business is booming they need more people on their production line to put together campers.

The Canadian company moved its production line into Yakima one year ago and in that time the staff has doubled. Adventurer has also gone from producing one camper a day to four.

“Since I’ve been here, I’ve got into a house I bought. So financially its good for me and my family,” said Tim Sanchez, production line employee.

The RV company has been a life saver for people like Sanchez who used to work at the now defunct Western RV. It’s also been beneficial for Adventurer, by moving its production to Yakima the company has been able to cut costs and cut camper prices by 10%.

“Since we’ve lost some competition due to the economy, it’s actually created more opportunity so it’s pushed our business along,” said Morgan.

Taking advantage of a bad situation has business booming and the production line busier than ever.