After an unpredictable and uncooperative winter, the 11 remaining members of the National African-American RVers Association (NAARVA) are enjoying the last of their Fridays in the Rio Grande Valley with barbecue potlucks.

As reported by The Monitor, these gatherings are hosted outside the unit of a different member every week and serve as a time to recount the latest happenings while developing future plans.

NAARVA member and Missourian, Carolyn Buford, and her husband, Luther, have been migrating south for eight years. They joined in fall 1996 and are also members of a group in Kansas City called the Roadrunners.

The organization began 26 years ago and exists as the largest gathering of primarily African-American RVers. Chapters exist in nearly every state; some of the local, seasonal travelers have already returned home. Some hailed from Tennessee and Mississippi.

Toni Revis makes the days-long voyage from New Jersey with her travel companion — a parrot named Henrietta.

“It’s kinda word of mouth,” said Buford about joining after communicating with fellow RVers through CB radio. “You meet similar people along the road and you do likewise.”

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