Affinity Group Holding Inc. (AGI) has formed a new subsidiary, Adventure Mall Inc., that will create an Internet Web portal for consumers interested in RVs, motorcycles, personal watercraft, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), boats and sport utility vehicles (SUVs).

AGI is the parent of TL Enterprises Inc., publisher of RV Business magazine and RVBUSINESS.COM.

AGI’s RVSEARCH.COM Web site is a part of the Adventure Mall subsidiary and it will continue focusing on providing useful information to private individuals and dealers who are looking to sell or buy new or used RVs.

The Internet domain name for Adventure Mall will be www.adventuremall.com and it will go live during the second half of this year.

By linking RVSEARCH.COM with a range of recreational products, Adventure Mall can cross-promote to deliver a wider marketplace to participating consumers, dealers and advertisers, according to Katherine Sharma, the Adventure Mall president.

The goal of Adventure Mall is to create “a one-stop shopping experience that adds, via advertising and links, access to information that buyers and sellers said they want in making their vehicle choices,” Sharma said. “That includes pricing guides, finance and insurance services, rental referrals, campground and trip planning data.”

Adventure Mall also will “expand advertising options and price points for manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and service firms in the RV market,” Sharma added.