Two weeks ago American Industrial Partners put in a $53 million bid to buy the Decatur, Ind., operations of Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. Thursday (June 18) at the deadline, that bid held up. Which means, Fleetwood workers can expect to go back to work, according to WANE-TV, Fort Wayne, Ind.

“Fleetwood RV as a company however it is named would essentially become a Decatur based company,” said Fleetwood Spokeswoman Heather Everett.

Those are words Decatur residents thought they’d never hear.

“I think it would be great yeah, I think it would really boost the community and help out a bunch,” said Decatur resident Randy Clifton.

Last year Fleetwood RV cut 550 of its 600 workers at the Decatur plant. In March the company filed for bankruptcy. Since that time only one bid from American Industrial Partners came in. It was the bid Decatur was waiting for.

“They would keep the facilities in Decatur open, plus all of our manufacturing facilities, our service facilities, as well as the Gold Shield subsidiaries,” said Everett.

The company might have a new name, a new president and a new CEO. But many of the same faces will make their way back into the plant hopefully sometime this summer.

“It will be a definite revival building the spirits back up again,” said a Decatur resident.

The news brings new confidence to a place decimated by unemployment.

“Everybody’s held together pretty well, I heard the mayor speak on it, and people in the community, everybody’s still supportive and everybody’s still moving along,” said another Decatur resident.

AIP’s proposal has to be approved by a judge next Wednesday. After that, the sale should be finalized by sometime in early to mid July. At that point AIP should start setting up its headquarters in Decatur.