Airstream’s Class B motorhomes have been designated as “Certified Green” by TRA Certification, according to a press release.   

Airstream’s ‘B’ line earned the Gold level of certification and will begin labeling its RVs with TRA’s green label. “The Airstream ‘Silver Bullet’ has been green certified since 2010 so it is exciting to have the motorhomes involved as well,” said Mandy Leazenby of TRA Certification.

In terms of resource efficiency, the Class B plant recycles or reuses over 50% of manufacturing waste. They utilize multiple jig & CNC systems to reduce waste and maximize material usage.  Several materials are cut to size by the supplier and several materials are also shipped using reusable shipping containers.  Most of the wood used during construction is SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) certified.

In the category of energy efficiency, Airstream’s units are sample tested in a rain booth to ensure a durable product. The RVs include over 90% interior and exterior LED lighting. Both the furnace and A/C are ductless, reducing wasted energy, while Airstream’s solar panels are standard.

These units are also Water Efficient by containing low-flow kitchen and bath faucets, showerhead and toilet. In addition, the water used for rain booth testing and water line testing is also recycled.

The coaches incorporate very little carpeting which makes for easy clean-up and healthier indoor air quality. They also use low VOC interior sealants and hard flooring while the formaldehyde-free insulation is also beneficial to the indoor environment. The units are also cleaned with low-VOC products.