The travel trailers manufactured by of Jackson Center, Ohio-based Airstream Inc. are already considered icons of American culture. According to a report in the Sidney (Ohio) Daily News, the sleek, shiny aluminum models are seen in campgrounds and highways all over the United States, Canada, Mexico and even other continents.

As a result of participation in a recent trade mission, Airstream products may eventually become a more common sight in the South American nation of Brazil. The Ohio Department of Development’s Office of Business Assistance invited the firm to be one of the Ohio companies to take part in a recent series of trade missions to Brazil, Chile, Columbia and India.

Airstream’s mission to Brazil was headed up by company executive Justin Humphreys. He was able to meet with potential distributors and size up the potential for selling Airstream units in the large, emerging economy. Humphreys has found that it is not at all unusual for the company to receive inquiries from people in other countries, but many come from Brazil, and exploring the potential to expand business into that country seems to be a logical move.

Humphreys explains that Brazil’s middle class is emerging as an economic force in the nation of around 200 million, the fifth-largest nation in the world. There is much diversity within that population, and a visitor will meet many residents of Japanese and European ethnicity.

Around 80% of the population lives in its cities, but Humphreys noted that the size of the lush farms would dazzle Americans. That agricultural powerhouse section of the Brazilian economy is fostering some of the growing affluence. Most of the economic activity takes place in the southern portion of the country. Humphreys spent much of his time there in the Sao Paulo area.

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