LifeStraw, a supplier of water filtration and purification solutions, will hit the road this summer with Airstream Inc. for the “Clean Water Across America” tour. According to a press releae, from June through August, the companies will execute a social and cause-focused campaign celebrating outdoor adventure and efforts to protect outdoor spaces, while advocating for a reduction of single-use plastics. The tour will stop at outdoor events, festivals, national parks and targeted retail locations.

Debuting at the June 6-9 GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, Col., Clean Water Across America will be helmed by LifeStraw and Airstream brand ambassadors including travel show host, presenter and filmmaker Harry Yuan and his partner, private chef Andrea Loeffler. The couple will share insights and best practices for water conservation, adventure travel and ways to enjoy the outdoors as they cross the country for three months in a 25-foot Airstream Flying Cloud.

With backgrounds in culinary arts, action sports and videography, Yuan and Loeffler will present pop-up restaurants, healthy cooking demonstrations, and beverages incorporating fresh, filtered water acquired from LifeStraw home water filter pitchers. Additional planned stops include a Big City Mountaineers overnight camp in Golden, Colo., Outdoor Retailer Demo Day at Chatfield State Park, and the 6th Annual Adventure + Gear Mountain Fest in Utah, June 28-30. The tour will continue on to Jackson Hole, Wyo., for the 4th of July and head east for the Outside Experience in Chicago July 13-14.

According to statistics from the Container Recycling Institute, nearly one million single-use plastic beverage bottles are sold every minute around the world, used once, and then disposed. In December, Great Britain’s Royal Statistical Society reported that 90% of plastic waste has never been recycled, 79% of which has accumulated in either landfill or natural environments.

“The careless disposal of single-use plastic beverage containers is of great concern, especially considering that Americans purchase and use approximately 345 bottles per person in one year,” said Alison Hill, managing director of LifeStraw. “If plastic is not being recycled, it is being cast aside for a journey into landfills, marine biomes or somewhere in transit. Encouraging greater awareness about the health and environmental challenges associated with single-use and disposal of plastic is a worthwhile effort toward protecting one of our most valuable and important natural resources — water.”

“There is nothing more critical to our health or our wild places than water,” continued Hill. “LifeStraw partners with like-minded organizations with the goal of increasing access to safe water and promoting environmental sustainability. As waterways become more contaminated, we have to develop more sophisticated technologies to make our drinking water safe and create better approaches to protecting them in the first place. LifeStraw and Airstream have teamed up to highlight the importance of leaving water clean and beautiful for the next generation.”