The second anniversary came and went recently for the so called Airstream Ranch near Dover, Fla.,with no resolution of the owner’s court battle with the county, according to the Tampa Tribune.

The county wants Frank Bates, who also owns an adjacent recreational vehicle dealership, to remove the eight aluminum-plated trailers partially buried off Interstate 4 near McIntosh Road.

The Hillsborough County Code Enforcement Board ruled that the tilted trailers installed Jan. 4, 2008, constitute four violations, including accumulated junk, trash and debris and illegal off-site advertising for Bates RV.

The upside down RVs emulate the more famous Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas, featuring partially buried Caddys.

Bates argues that the Airstream Ranch is art, and said it has been featured in calendars, travel magazines and music videos.

Nearby residents have complained of motorists who use Castlewood Road to get a better look at the creation, crowding their neighborhood.