Drivers in Idaho’s Canyon County may notice an extraordinary number of Airstream travel trailers going down the freeway this weekend.

The Idaho Press-Tribune reported that the Airstream Adventure dealership in Nampa is moving to Caldwell and will transfer the iconic silver trailers from the old location to the new one with the help of a local Airstream club.

The dealership opened in Nampa three years ago, but the location wasn’t ideal, because it separated the sales and service departments of the business, said owner Ted Davis. “Now that we’ve established ourselves and have a good profitable track record, the opportunity came up to purchase a piece of property in Caldwell that moves all of our facilities into one location,” he said.

The new location will also offer the opportunity for an indoor showroom and room to help people get accustomed to their new Airstream, if they haven’t purchased one before, he said.

Airstream Adventures will share its new site for a few months with TrailMax, which is currently on the property. The company makes flatbed trailers and is building a new location, Davis said. Once TrailMax leaves, then the dealership will renovate the warehouse to create its new showroom.

The new dealership also plans to offer travel packages for people when they purchase an Airstream, so they can use it to explore Idaho.

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