Airstream Inc. announced today (Dec. 14) that it has increased its production by 25% since October in order to meet growing market demand. Furthermore, the company is scheduled to expand production by another 25% in January, according to a news release.

In addition to doubling its net output in five months, Airstream’s production backlog has also more than tripled since last year. As a result, Airstream will expand its production workforce by 35% to support the boost in production and demand.

Despite the adverse economic climate in the RV industry over the last 18 months, Airstream’s recent performance may well indicate a turnaround for the industry as a whole. Historically, the RV industry has also served as an indicator for the general health of the overall economy.

“Like any other industry, ours took a significant hit over the last couple of years,” said Bob Wheeler, CEO of Airstream. “As difficult as it was to streamline our operations during this period, we now feel optimistic that Airstream is back on the road to recovery.”

Wheeler also noted that dealer confidence for the upcoming selling season appears to be strong and that lenders seem more willing to provide commercial credit to the industry as a whole.