Flexibility is the key to Airstream Inc.’s diminutive new 2006 BaseCamp, an outside-the box concept sport utility hybrid travel trailer (SURV) that is about half the weight and cost of the Thor subsidiary’s lightest existing unit. Airstream visualizes the rear-access, 16-foot BaseCamp, sporting the company’s classic polished aluminum exterior, being used as a conventional travel trailer, toy hauler for motorcycles ATVS and kayaks, utility trailer or personal office. With an empty weight of 2,000 pounds, BaseCamp can be towed by most conventional vehicles. Designed in conjunction with Nissan Design America, it’s equipped with a standard tent extension (from backpack manufacturer Kelty) that snaps onto the unit and doubles the available living space. The BaseCamp, with modular removable furniture, will be available in 2006 with an MSRP likely under $20,000.