Marlin Ingram worked every day of every week for nearly a decade after he started dealing recreational vehicles 23 years ago.
But eventually, according to a report in the Montgomery (Ala.) Advertiser, he started taking Sundays off and worked that schedule for the next 14 years.
Today, after nearly a half century of selling cars and RVs in Montgomery, the 69-year-old businessman is getting ready to retire – or, as he says, “I’m going to try to retire.”
His business, Marlin Ingram RV Center, will be auctioned off May 18. Ingram doesn’t know how much it will fetch, but today he’s holding about $2 million in inventory and substantial equity in the property.
“We’ve never done nothing but work, and now we’re gonna see what the other side has to offer,” Ingram said.
That work has paid off. In 2005, his business grossed $17.8 million on the sale of 225 RVs, results he achieved with only eight employees.
“We’ve fought real hard all these years to have a good name and reputation, and we’ve always serviced what we sell,” Ingram said. “We hope that somebody would come in here and buy this business and keep it going like we have. If they do, they’ve already got 23 years of customers built up.”
The company that will host the auction, Gadsden-based J.P. King Auction Co., specializes in large transactions, including the sale of ranches, mansions and condominiums.
And if approved by Tiffin Motor Homes Inc., Red Bay, Ingram’s dealership line of Allegro motorhomes will also be sold in the auction. Ingram has the fourth-largest Allegro dealership in the U.S. with 100 sold last year.
The five acres of property will be sold in four parcels, the company said, one with the sales office, storage building and service garage; one with another building; and two lots used for showing vehicles