High gas prices and tight airport security measures aren’t deterring tourists from coming to Alaska this summer, according to a recent story in the Alaska Journal of Commerce.
Visitor’s centers in Canada are logging strong preliminary visitor numbers as of midseason, and they are attributable to a stronger national economy and continuing doubts about safety in many overseas regions, the Alaska Journal of Commerce reported.
Rita Dempsey, a volunteer with the Greater Copper Valley Chamber of Commerce, told the publication 3,816 people signed in at the center between May 14 and June 30, slightly down from the same time last year.
“But not everybody stops and signs in,” she said. “It feels busy to me. And there are a lot of motorhomes in town; all the RV parks are full.”
Copper Valley sits at the crossroads to Anchorage, Tok and Valdez. Those signing in were from 49 states (excluding Rhode Island) and 32 countries.
Both the airline and cruise industries have also experienced an increase in tourists traveling to Alaska.
The Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage reported an additional 50,800 passengers over last May’s count of 357,000, the story said, while the cruise industry expects about 800,000 people to board boats bound for Alaska this season, up from 776,000 last year.