Voters in Juneau, Alaska, expressed their opposition on Tuesday (Oct. 3) to the idea of a road between Juneau and Skagway.

Tourism industry observers believe the road would bring hundreds of RV enthusiasts to Skagway each summer, according to the Seattle Times newspaper.

The vote is advisory and the idea of building the road apparently was defeated by a narrow margin, the Seattle, Wash., newspaper reported.

Although preliminary vote totals suggest Juneau residents are opposed to the road, they voted in favor of enhanced ferryboat service to improve access to Skagway.

The final results of the balloting will be revealed next Tuesday (Oct. 10). Because preliminary vote totals show only about 100 more ballots were cast against the road, it is possible the final tally could come out in favor of the road the Skagway, by a thin margin, the newspaper added.