The old Frontier Honda sign letters lay by the side of the building. Soon, new signage will go up as RV City works on the first of three phases of expansion in Morinville, Alberta, Canada.

The Morinville News reported that co-owner Ross Hodgins said the decision to relocate his Honda dealership was largely Honda-driven as the company is looking to increase their urban presence with more destination dealerships.

But the departing of one facet of his business has allowed for an opportunity in another. “Locally, RV City is expanding,” Hodgins said. “We’re moving onto the site that was formerly Frontier Honda. We’re going to remodel that building and repurpose the building to provide additional service opportunities for RV City.”

Some of the forthcoming changes include moving the company’s detailing operation to the service bays of the Honda dealership location and utilizing the former car showroom for RVs. Additionally, office space in the former car dealership will be used for the company’s ancillary business JLS Designs, which creates decals and other printed banner materials for the business and RV clients. Through the latter business, they can replace missing and faded decals to give serviced units a restored look.

The use of the showroom will also benefit the company. Although people use canvas trailers in July and August, Hodgins says people start shopping for them in January and February.

“It’s pretty hard to set up a tent trailer in the winter,” he said. “Minus forty setting up a tent trailer is a little bit uncomfortable. We’re excited about having increased showroom space.”

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