Barb Pierson, owner/operator of Barb’s RV in Lacombe, Alberta, was placed on the list of Canada’s Top 100 businesswomen by two magazines, Profit and Chatelaine, according to the Lacombe Globe.
Pierson, whose dealership had sales of $5.83 million (Canadian) – $4.46 million – in 2002, was 73rd on the list of the Top 100. She was one of only five women from Alberta to make the list, the newspaper reported.
Pierson was nominated by her banker, she said, noting, “I didn’t think anything would come of it.”
Pierson said she quit high school before the 11th grade and worked for a time as a waitress and a barber before she got her first exposure to the RV industry, cleaning trailers at her father’s dealership, Wolf Creek RV, The Globe reported.
She moved into sales when one of her father’s employees quit and she worked selling for her dad for three years before opening her own dealership in 1999.
“I never would have thought way back when I was cutting hair that I would have anything to do with selling trailers,” Pierson said. “I never thought I’d go from cleaning trailers to selling them and end up where I am now.
“I’ve worked hard. I work a lot of hours every week. I guess it paid off. Just because you don’t do well in school doesn’t mean you won’t succeed.”
Pierson believes her sales and service department employees are vital to her dealership’s success, and concerning the RV lifestyle, she said, “I love RVs, I love camping, and I can’t really imagine not doing it.”