Canada’s Alberta Province may require RVers to get special driver’s licenses, according to the Calgary Herald.
That’s one option being considered in the wake of an increasing number of highway incidents involving RVs, Transport Minister Ed Stelmach said Tuesday (June 10).
“It’s a real issue. I don’t know what the answer is, a special license or a special test, but it has been a topic of discussion,” Stelmach told the Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA), a trucking industry umbrella group.
Stelmach said RVs aren’t necessarily involved in more accidents than regular vehicles, but there are incidents such as trailers coming loose on the highway or motorhomes hitting overhead objects or holding up traffic on two-lane roads that are a growing concern.
Alberta’s affluence also means more people are buying motorhomes, and a number of RV owners are in the 75-plus age group, when reactions are not as sharp as they are for younger drivers, he said.
“It’s a sensitive issue when you start talking about taking someone’s license away. Many people connect mobility with their health,” the transport minister said.
Stelmach had no timetable for the changes. He said he would prefer to work with other provinces to produce a common set of standards.
Meanwhile, Diane Batten, editor of RVGazette magazine, believes RV owners are about evenly split on whether special licenses are a good idea.
Tom Kenny, AMTA president and general manager of Westcan Bulk Transport in Edmonton, said the behavior of RV owners on highways is not a big issue for his industry. But RVs should be included in the weight limit used to determine if commercial drivers need special training, he said. Currently, only a Class 5 license is needed to drive any private RV that doesn’t have more than two axles.