Alde Corp., a manufacturer of state-of-the-art hydronic radiant heating solutions for RVs, has launched an updated interactive website at www.alde.us.

According to a press release, the revised website is built using the latest technology and optimized for mobile devices. The feature-laden design provides users with an online experience that guides them through the basics of hydronic radiant heating. The site also offers a pictorial history of the company, from its Swedish heritage beginning in 1949 to its North American debut.

A highlight of the revised website is the interactive 3010 and 3020 control panels. Working as they would in an RV, customers are offered a life-like simulation of their eas-of-use. A wide range of menu items can be selected, including advanced functions.

“RVing is about enjoying yourself,” said Alde Vice President David Patton. “We wanted our website to reflect our corporate style, while it educates on the benefits of our hydronic radiant heating solutions.”