Truma announced that users of its Alde Compact 3020 HE heater will now be able to integrate into the Truma iNet system, allowing them to operate all appliances from the app including controlling the heater and air conditioning system; adjusting the automatic climate control; and checking gas levels.

According to a press release, customers connect the iNet Box to the RV’s heater. Truma noted that the new Alde control panel is required, which will be available in April. It can be identified by the ‘iNet ready’ logo that is displayed when the control panel is switched on. If the logo is not there, the touch panel is not iNet ready and must be replaced. This applies to all Compact 3020 HE heaters manufactured between April 2014 and April 2018. Older Alde Compact 3010 models cannot be retrofitted with the iNet System.

With the Truma App, Alde users can operate the main heater functions using their smartphone to adjust the room temperature, hot water settings and night setback function. In the app they can also choose whether the appliance should run primarily on gas or via the 230-volt heating elements, and which temperature sensor should be the controlling unit. If customers have a Truma air conditioning system in their vehicle, they can also use automatic climate control. This automatically keeps the temperature in motorhomes and towables constant in all weathers.

The new Truma App release with Alde add-on is available this month. It contains new, practical functions that benefit all Truma App users.

“They can now check the air and water temperatures via Bluetooth,” explains Nicola Straub from Truma Business Development. “In the past, this was possible only in SMS mode. We have introduced the new feature in response to requests from many of our customers.”

“Another benefit that makes the app generally more user friendly is that in the past some customers had difficulties setting the temperature for the heater or air conditioner correctly in the app,” Straub added. “Because of this, we replaced the slider with a practical scroll function. This is the same logic used, for example, in smartphone calendar functions. It makes it much easier for our customers to select the exact temperature.”