Manufacturer Alfa Leisure Inc., Chino, Calif., will expand into a southwestern Oregon industrial park where it plans to build a 100,000-square-foot manufacturing plant on Interstate 5 to make fifth-wheels or entry-level motorhomes.
The Douglas County Industrial Development Board approved the deal in early April.
“When we expand, we will expand into Oregon,” said Alfa Leisure Chairman and CEO Johnnie R. Crean. “We have 18 months to commit to it, and then five years to provide 200 jobs so that we get the land ‘free.’ ”
The company paid $1.1 million for 34 acres in Douglas County, about 10 miles south of Roseburg, the county seat. After five years Alfa Leisure will receive a $5,000 tax credit for each worker being paid $11.48 an hour or more.
The location is about 120 miles north of the California-Oregon border and about 68 miles south of Eugene.
“We want out of California, but we want a service center on the I-5 corridor,” Crean said. “Then, we will build high-labor-content things up there – probably low-end motorhomes or mid-level fifth-wheels. We worked hard to negotiate this deal.”
The agreement took more than a year to negotiate, and Alfa Leisure and Douglas County officials will work closely with a local community college to develop a program to teach prospective employees the skills needed to work for Alfa Leisure.
“The desire is to have jobs for people who are already here,” Douglas County Commissioner Dan Van Slyke told the local media.